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Mount Haleakala, Maui, Hawai'i

About Me

Hi! My name is Hung and I love taking pictures. Well, it's really more like I have an incredible passion for creating memories that people get to share for a lifetime.

Things I also love - fun times with family, cooking new foods, traveling, and a good cup of coffee or tea.

I have worked on many projects photographing people, families, once-in-a-lifetime moments, events, and more. To me, photography is an art that reflects a union of one's passions, experiences, and creativity. 

The amazing thing about photography is that your photos, and the memories within them, gain value over time.  This simple but significant thought is my focus to ensure you are proud of your investment for decades on end.

​Portraits, candid moments, creative poses, themes, unique locations...let's work together to create something amazing and memorable!  With camera in one hand and coffee in the other, I look forward to working with you soon!

Also, come back and see what new travel photo comes next!  I always enjoy sharing my travel experiences - this is Mount Haleakala in Maui, Hawai'i.


"You don't take a photograph, you make it."

- Ansel Adams

Let's Chat

TenTwelve Photography

Tel: 832-654-9688

Houston, Texas

Call, book directly on the Services page, or simply complete the form below to get started.  We'll be in touch soon!



Frequently Asked Questions

TenTwelve Photography is dedicated to providing clients with tailored photography experiences that leave lasting impressions. Your photos hold the memories, and tell the stories, that you will be looking back at for a lifetime. Every photo session is uniquely crafted to showcase you and the extraordinary moments that come with it.

What is your photographic style?

The organic approach is to create a unique blend of subject, location, and activity capturing the natural essence of the moment. The difference is not in the equipment used; it is in how the details, perspectives, background, and way we interact that make the moment. Every collection is about creating one-of-a-kind quality imagery that you will love now and many years into the future. A lens merely shows what the eye visions.

What type of photography services are offered?

Based in the Houston, Texas area, the following photography services are available and can be booked on the Services page. Please submit an inquiry message if you are seeking event or commercial services.


  • Family and Children

  • Lifestyle

  • Engagements

  • Maternity

  • Senior Portraits

  • Custom Projects

What is the best time of day to have a photo session?

Generally, within a 2-3 hour window after sunrise, or before sunset, if outdoors. This is a preferred time to take advantage of natural outdoor lighting scenarios. However, photo sessions can still be done throughout most times of the day.

How many photos are taken and when do clients get the images?

In each photo session, hundreds of photos can be taken which include a variety of poses, candid moments, and active motions to find those unforgettable moments. The photos of you at your finest are shared. In turn, portraits with things like sleepy eyes or awkward expressions are not included. The focus is always on quality over quantity. The Services page outlines the number of photos generally included. Photos are typically available within 1 week.

How should the client act during a photo session?

The focus is to find and bring out the real you doing what is natural for your personality. This means no forced poses, and no pressure. If you like to jump around - jump! Like to look the other way? Give your best cheek! It's all about respecting who you are and expressing that individuality in your photos. 

What is the portrait process?

1) Pre-Session Consultation - It all starts with getting to know you and your interests, picking a location for the photo session, and finalizing photographic style details.

2) Photo Session - Meet on-site (ex: park, cafe, office, home) and have fun! Length of photo sessions are outlined in the Services page.

3) Image Review and Editing - A considerable amount of effort and care is given to your images to bring out the best results.

4) Online Gallery View and Download - Access your own private gallery, relive the memories, and download the high-resolution digital files.

How are images edited?

Edits and color adjustments are hand-edited, kept minimal, and done in-house without over-processing. This means your original images, and its true natural moments, are preserved as much as possible. Unique blemishes are usually retained. Black & White, Sepia, or specific color themes and editing requests can be accommodated.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, check, and credit or debit cards.

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